Our Mission:

The Flagler Church of Christ is a service driven, caring body of Christ that meets the needs of its community in love, showing, and sharing God’s word by our deeds and study.

Our Vision:

The Church of Christ is made up of Gods people in the desire to do Gods will. The ability of the church to meet its mission is contingent on people’s willingness to actively do His will, to seek God out, and be a servant for Him!  The ability to succeed is based on knowledge, wisdom, forgiveness, faith, works, and above all love.  The Bible is Gods literal inspired word. Its instructions are considered our duty as servants of Gods. The church is New Testament founded and is modeled after the first century church.  The work of the church will be split amongst its workers by allowing each to utilize their talents!  The four general functions of the church are believed to be:  Evangelism, Support, Ministry, and Administrative. Utilizing the strengths of each member in unison toward the mission of the Church of Christ with the guidance of the church leadership and with God at head His will is believed to be accomplished!

Leadership Team:

Our leadership is made up of elders and deacons.  We are currently searching for a preacher.


  • Kelly Burr
  • Lee Fisher


  • Allen Charles
  • Dallas Saffer
  • Bill Witt


Preacher:  John Reeves

John was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa to a wonderful Christian family. Both of his parents became Christians as adults. He has two older siblings: a sister and a brother.  His high school class was large in comparison to Flagler school with over 500 students. He attended Christian colleges in Nebraska, Texas, and in Vienna, Austria. But for the last 6 years he and his wife, Crystal, worked as house parents at a childrenReeves Family’s home.

John’s family is somewhat unique. His first wife, of 15 years, passed away to cancer.  They had two children together: Caitlin (13) and Connor (12). He and his wife, Crystal, of 7 years, have three more children together: Christian (5), Caity (3), and Canaan (baby). They thank God for His blessings especially the gift of having 3 sets of godly grandparents for the kids.

John and Crystal have been involved in many missions oversees and local. She has much experience in South America and he in Europe. They love the Lord and people. They look forward to working with the Lord’s body in Flagler, Colorado.